MSDA Terms and Conditions


You have a duty to disclose all relevant facts to us when requested, or to update us if your circumstances change. This includes anything that may or may not affect our ability or decision to license, certify, represent, associate or otherwise communicate with you as an instructor.

If you fail to disclose any key information or any fact, information, or other such related information (that shall be assessed by our association) then we reserve the right to revoke membership and you are liable to termination of association and being banned from this organisation.


It is your obligation and duty to ensure you are fit for purpose, safe and legally allowed to teach your students.

Should your club include working with vulnerable adults, children or any person that requires safeguarding, then it is your responsibility to ensure that you have in place the correct checks, policies, qualifications and procedures.

As an association we may issue guidance or compulsory requirements, however, this should not be deemed adequate for your own personal or professional arrangements. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have properly assessed these before teaching and if in any doubt, please contact our office directly.


It is your responsibility to make sure that you are properly insured for all of your club activities, disciplines or classes that you instruct. Purchasing or activating any MSDA insurance does not necessary mean you have covered all of your legal requirements and you should consider each cover’s range, restriction and conditions to be confident that it is sufficient for your needs.

We reserve the right to refuse insurance on any basis relating to our terms and conditions and any other policy relating to our association, including but not limited to, submitting fraudulent or false information. We reserve this right and will withdraw insurance at any point with written notice being given to the individual concerned.

It is your responsibility to ensure any insurances are renewed, activated or otherwise administered in accordance with your needs and/or any conditions set forth in the policy. As a member of our association you can request renewal reminders to be sent out incurring a small admin fee to cover our costs.

You are responsible for ensuring you are properly insured for any teaching you undertake.


You are required to undertake first aid training and hold a relevant first aid qualification in order to teach. It is your responsibility to ensure you have met any and all legal requirements and have had the proper training and are qualified and fully equipped to handle any medical emergency. Guidance or help offered by our association on this subject should be taken as non-binding and is not advice. You must ensure you have assessed your suitability properly prior to teaching.


Proof of grade must be provided upon request. We reserve the right to challenge or verify any documents issued, and decline to accept any grades, qualifications or certification should they fall outside of our guidelines or not meet with any of our association requirements.


No instructor or professional member may apply or will be accepted unless they are a minimum of 18 years old.


We are an association with articles of association and other official elements. You are under no obligation to join our association and as such, you do so voluntarily.

When joining us you agree to follow our association issued regulations, codes and compulsory requirements, choosing to use us as a governing body.


All information and guidance issued through our association is done so without liability or warranty, and should not be considered professional advice.

It is ultimately your responsibility to ensure you are teaching in a legal, safe and professional manner.

We will assist where possible, but on the condition that you agree to release us from any position of liability or warranty for all purposes. All guidance, services, documentation or other offers are done so without warranty or guarantee.