MSDA Ethics and Standards Policy

The MeanStreets Self Defence Association outlines in the following statements our Ethics and Standards for all members of our association:

    • All applicants for membership to our association are equal regardless of age, gender, location, nationality, sexual orientation, religion or any other personal preferences.
    • Every member and applicant has the right to be treated with respect and courtesy in a professional and friendly manor.
    • Our members have the right to feel safe and protected when using our website and be confident that information or personal details are not shared with any third parties without consent.
    • That everybody has a right to voice their opinions on how our association can be improved.
    • Anybody who is found to be presenting false documentations or grades, or are found to be behaving in a way that may cause offence, upset, hatred or violence shall be banned indefinitely.
    • That our organisation must remain for the benefit of the self defence community.
    • That profit should not come before the services we offer and profit should not come before the development of our organisation and it’s aims.
    • That we are answerable to our members.

What standard we expect from our members:

  • Hold all appropriate professional and personal qualifications, grades and training to do their job or teach their style or styles correctly, safely and professionally.
  • Behave in a way that is professional, courteous and polite, protecting the nature of respect and due care that is a significant part of our arts and disciplines.
  • To feel safe and properly equipped in carrying out their job and to teach their style without the fear of violence, abuse or intimidation.
  • Not to misrepresent accounts of grades, qualifications or trainings and to continue to develop professional understanding.
  • To follow our membership guidelines and policies for the protection and betterment of the self defence industry and those who participate in it.