Full association membership will cost £50 per member, per year which gives you access to full instructor and student insurance packages, National Self-Defence recognition, access to document templates, license books for students and much more.

MSDA Instructor Insurance provided by Clegg Gifford Insurance Plc

Insurance cover available through MSDA:

  • Instructor and student liability
  • Personal accident cover
  • Public liability insurance


  • MSDA Membership and Instructor Certificate
  • Access to Insurance
  • Template forms and documents for new clubs
  • Club finder listings
  • Grading licensing
  • Grading certificate templates
  • MSDA membership logos
  • Access to DBS checks
  • Information about Safeguarding courses

Club Membership with MSDA for just £50 per year. Check out Eligibility Criteria to confirm you meet our requirements. You must also agree to our MSDA Terms and Conditions and Ethics and Standards Policy in order to become a member of our association.

Membership to MSDA gives you access to instructor and student Insurance with complimentary licence book, new club paperwork templates, competitions, seminars, being listed on our website ‘Find a Club’ section and much more.

We accept and understand that some styles do not give formal qualifications.

If the applicant has never received a formal qualification or grading certificate but can, if requested, prove three years past club level training experience and has reached a competent level, MSDA will review and approve membership on an individual basis.

Our Promise to You

We recognise that all MSDA applicants follow their chosen Martial Art Style, Sport, Fitness Regime or other Club Activity.

You can be assured that MSDA will in no-way interfere with the running of your club or training program.

We welcome Local, National, or International bodies, to work with MSDA to promote higher standards, but MSDA is and will remain independent, ensuring that the interests of our members remain our highest priority.

All MSDA Courses, Events, Seminars and/or Competitions are in no-way compulsory.

Annual renewal at minimum hassle

Joining the Meanstreets Self Defence Association – Options

Once you have decided to arrange your Club Membership through MSDA, you have one of two options:

  1. You can take the paperless option whereby you can submit your student’s information by completing the form supplied on request. If you have access to a printer we can email your Registered numbered slips for you to print off.
  2. You can send the information by post and we can post the Membership Insurance slips to you for a small charge of £3.50 to cover our costs.

Any queries whatsoever, please just contact us.

MSDA is not authorised to give advice concerning insurance products.